Elevating our urban canvas, one project at a time. We rejuvenate and enhance town centre spaces, bringing new life and inspiration to every corner.

First impressions definitely count.

To support and meet the growing needs of the town centre business community, we have continued to invest in projects that will refresh and enhance our town spaces.

This includes the removal of day to day dirt and grime, the addition of vibrant floral and art displays, and the improvement of neglected spaces. 

Key initiatives include:

Croydon BID’s Street cleansing initiative delivers a range of tasks that support our businesses, add value, and make a real difference in enhancing the overall look and feel of our town centre.
We offer a tailored Business Cleansing Service, specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of our members.
Croydon BID is committed to delivering colourful improvements to Croydon town centre, making a real difference to the welcome and general look and feel of the environment in which we live, work and visit.
Turning pockets of neglected spaces into vibrant, colour filled masterpieces.
We manage the artwork of over 40 lamp post banners throughout Croydon town centre, transforming our streets with colourful and eye-catching artworks which make for a more engaging and livelier town centre.
Our Christmas lights are installed and in place for seven weeks, kick-starting the festive season for the town centre, delivering over 6,000 hours of additional lighting with a little twinkle here and there!
Croydon BID is delivering a commercial waste service for the town centre designed to reduce the our BID levy payers costs, deliver an efficient service, as well as support the environment.
50 sqm
of pavement jet washed by our cleansing team in 2022-2023
pieces of graffiti and fly-posting removed in 2022-2023
seasonal bedding plants, evergreen and perennial plants added in 2022-2023

The work delivered and planned by Croydon BID in refreshing the positive look of our town centre has and will add value to our town centre. The simple needs of a cleansing team that removes the daily dirt and grime, the removal of graffiti and targeted business cleansing are just some of the reasons why Croydon BID is essential in tackling these issues. The team at Croydon BID understand the need to improve the environment we all work in not just for our customers but for our staff too and they have shown they are up to the task in delivering the necessary value in raising the standards in and around our town centre.