Police Funding

Creating a safer environment for everyone in Croydon
By investing in our Police Funding Operations, we are prioritising safety and addressing the pressing crime concerns faced by our business community.

About Croydon BID Police Funding Operations:

At Croydon BID, we believe that safety is a collective responsibility. The impact of crime on businesses can be overwhelming, but when partners, agencies, and businesses come together, we can effectively tackle the challenges and issues that affect our community daily.

  • Croydon BID, in partnership with the Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), has developed a series of town centre operations that provide practical solutions to address the individual business crime challenges faced by our members. 
  • Croydon BID funds two additional officers per week, delivering 32 additional policing hours for the town centre.
  • Our operations cover a wide range of issues, including shoplifting, anti-social behaviour, street begging, drug dealing, and theft from persons. Whether it’s supporting a specific levy-paying business or enhancing overall safety in the town centre, we are committed to delivering impactful results.

Croydon BID Police Funding Operations provide:


Additional visible policing acts as a deterrent for potential crime and improves public confidence in the police, perceptions of crime, and feelings of safety


Officers engage with businesses, providing them with the advice, information and training needed to ensure they are better equipped to prevent crime


Regular patrols provide a reassuring presence for businesses and the public, and contributes to an improved town centre environment


Officers work closely with the Croydon BID Street Rangers, and monitor the Croydon BID Radio Link, which helps improve response and support for businesses


Extra officers help to improve the level of communication and incident response times, so appropriate action can be taken against offenders


Working alongside our Street Rangers and carrying the Radio Link, officers provide direct communication with other business users throughout the town centre.

Join us in creating a safer Croydon:

If your business is experiencing crime-related challenges and you would like to benefit from our partnership with Croydon MPS, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today.

In an emergency or if a criminal act is being committed, we advise that you contact 999. Use the non-emergency number 101 for situations that do not require an immediate police response.