Radio Link

Greater intelligence sharing for your business
Don’t let crime and anti-social behaviour undermine the success of your business. Join the Croydon BID Radio Link today.

About the Croydon BID Radio Link:

The Croydon BID Radio Link is a 5G and Wi-Fi enabled radio system designed to create an immediate network of users throughout the Croydon town centre. 

Utilised by the Metropolitan Police, Croydon BID Street Rangers, and local authority officers, our radio system provides a crucial foundation of support for businesses in the heart of Croydon. Together, we strive to maintain a safe and thriving town centre.

All Croydon BID levy payers can enjoy a subsidised £100 discount per year per radio unit. It’s our way of ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from this invaluable resource.

The Croydon BID Radio Link provides:


Immediate communication with other business users across the town centre


Direct links with the Croydon BID Street Rangers, Police officers and other town centre businesses


Free of charge, access to Croydon Business Crime Reduction online database


Training and support for you, your business, and your staff


All Croydon BID levy payers will receive a discount £100 per unit, per year


Live updates, insights and intelligence on current activities in the town centre

How to sign up:

If you are a business within Croydon town centre and wish to sign up to the Croydon BID Radio Link scheme, please get in touch with our team. 

Please note: Croydon BID provides a subsidised £100 discount per year per radio unit for all levy payers. 

Levy payers pay £150 + VAT per unit, which includes a radio unit and charging station. 

The non-levy payers’ rate is £250 + VAT per unit.

Croydon BID Radio Link
Croydon BID Ranger with Radio Link