North End Activities

A popular backdrop for a wide range of entertainment, promotions, and activities
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About Croydon BID North End Activities:

Situated at the heart of Croydon’s bustling commercial centre, the North End pedestrian area serves as a popular backdrop for a wide range of entertainment, promotions, and activities.

In the last year alone, we have enabled the delivery of well over 150 approved activities in North End, ranging from street entertainment, busking and fairground rides, to product promotions and leafleting.

We work closely with Croydon Council Licensing, the Metropolitan Police, and other organisations to ensure these activities are effectively controlled and managed. All events and activities on North End must have prior consent.

Organising an activity in North End:

If you’re hoping to use North End for any type of activity, you must first submit to us a full and detailed application regarding what’s proposed. Please be aware: at least 28 days’ notice is required before any event is proposed to take place.

Each application will be considered on its merits. Once your application is received, you will be contacted within seven days regarding the outcome.

Application form

Download and complete the North End Application Form. Please provide as much detail as possible when completing the form making sure you read the full terms and conditions

Risk assessment

It is your responsibility to complete and provide a full risk assessment of your activity. You will need to provide a completed risk assessment when submitting your application

Public liability insurance

You will need to provide a copy of your public liability insurance when submitting your application

Submit your application

Submit your completed North End Application with attachments. Croydon BID will only consider completed North End applications with appropriate attachments

North End Tariff & Licensing Requirements:

North End Croydon does not currently have a tariff for events and activities.

It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary Street Trading Licence required for your activity directly from Croydon Council.

For more information, visit or contact Croydon Council on 020 8726 6000.