Croydon BID agrees greater investment to increase police visibility and coverage in town centre

It is imperative that our high streets and town centres are safer for all to enjoy, reducing the impact of business crime.
In a collaborative partnership, Croydon BID can today confirm that it is working with the Croydon Metropolitan Police Service to provide greater visibility and coverage of officers on the street and to deter anti-social behaviour and shoplifting.

At Christmas, retail spending across the UK is forecast to reach £85bn in 2023. It is suggested that retailers alone are losing £3.5m per day in stolen goods, costing retailers around £1.3bn in 2023.

We are focused on delivering additional resources on street for the businesses we represent in our town centre and their staff. As a result, we have agreed a match-funding partnership with Croydon MPS which will see an increase in officer numbers on our high street.

The new team of 9 officers including one sergeant and eight police constables will offer 576 hours of additional patrolling in the lead up to and across the festive season, across an eight-week period, as we focus on providing the much-needed support for all those that use our town centre.

We recognise the need to support all those using our town centre and in working with Croydon BID, we are creating new partnerships that allow us to extend our capability, visibility, and coverage to support all those using our town centre. The increased visibility and coverage across the town centre this Christmas will further support the officers in place as we look to make further progress in reducing crime, anti-social behaviour, shoplifting and the impact it can have on all of us.
Chief Superintendent Mitch Carr

Engagement is a vital component in the collective approach between Croydon MPS, Croydon BID, partners including Croydon Council, and the business community. To compliment the match-funding agreement, Croydon BID is doubling its investment into engagement activities between the police and its business members.

It is hoped that in doing so, we will enhance a collective need to share intelligence, offer reassurance, understand current concerns, and issues with a view to pro-actively creative solutions to meet the needs of our business community. Working with the Croydon BID Street Rangers, the increased investment will be in place until March 2024, offering an additional 16 hours of engagement activity.

The impact of business crime on our town centre and borough on all those that live, work and visit should never be understated. It is more important than ever before for partners to collectively come together, to work pro-actively and reactively to respond to the needs of those we represent. In working with the Croydon BID Street Rangers, we hope to increase visibility across the town centre, deter crime and anti-social behaviour and where required respond positively to support our communities. We are constantly reviewing our approach with partners as we look to resolve many of the key issues facing our business community, improving our town centre environment for all those that use it.
Shaun Webster, Director of Operations at Croydon BID

Croydon BID is committed to working with its partners to reduce the impact of business crime across our town centre. We deliver several safety services and initiatives including: the Croydon BID Street Rangers team which offers almost 8,000 additional hours per year of improved visibility, engagement and support, and our Croydon BID Radio Link which offers an improved intelligence network.

For full details of how Croydon BID works to reduce the impact of business crime within Croydon town centre, please visit: