Croydon Council proposes changes to parking charges

Croydon Council is proposing changes to parking charges to make them fairer, simpler, and more consistent boroughwide, while providing a boost for local businesses.

The proposals would see shoppers benefit from one hour’s free parking at district centres. Already available in some local high streets, this policy would be rolled out at district centres boroughwide. The maximum stay in all district centres would be increased to two hours, with reduced fees for the second hour, encouraging residents to enjoy more time at their local shops.

Other changes include reducing parking charges in West Croydon Station car park and reducing the charges for longer stays in areas where there are 12-hour maximum on-street bays.

Croydon Council is also proposing to update emissions-based parking charges for on-street parking, residents and business permits, and resident visitor parking. Since the scheme was introduced in 2019, more people are driving less-polluting vehicles. The current 90% discount for electric vehicles means that these drivers are currently paying a lot less than most motorists. The proposed changes would make this a 25% discount, still providing an incentive to choose lower emission vehicles while making the system fairer for all.

These are part of a range of proposed changes in line with Croydon’s new parking policy. The policy sets out how the council will make parking fairer, balancing the needs of all residents and road-users.

For full details of the proposals read the cabinet report here.

The proposals will be presented at cabinet next week with the recommendation to start a 21-day statutory consultation. This will provide residents with an opportunity to feedback and let the council know their views.

This article was published on Your Croydon.