Croydon BID Radio Link scheme hits 50 users milestone

Last week marked a significant milestone as the Croydon BID Radio Link scheme welcomed its 50th user, solidifying its position as an invaluable tool in supporting a safe and secure environment for all.

Since its inception on April 1st 2023, the Croydon BID Radio Link scheme has proven be an invaluable tool for enhancing security measures, sharing real-time information on known offenders, and fostering cooperation among local businesses.

The scheme now heralds 50 total users bringing together various stakeholders, including the Metropolitan Police, Croydon BID Street Rangers, and security teams from Centrale & Whitgift shopping centres. The scheme has created a united front against crime, proving instrumental in identifying and addressing criminal activities, particularly incidents of shoplifting and anti-social behaviour.

One local business experiencing the positive impact of the Croydon BID Radio Link scheme is HSBC:

Having access to the Croydon BID Radio Link has truly empowered myself and my team, giving us peace of mind and security knowing if a situation does unfortunately occur in branch or on the high street, or we feel under threat at any time, help, support, and guidance is only a radio call away. Moreover, this resource serves as a vital tool, providing us with real-time updates on local incidents, allowing us to take preventive measures to safeguard our customers. For example, after receiving a timely alert about shoulder surfing incidents at another bank’s ATM, we were able to swiftly prevent this from happening to our customers. In my opinion, the Croydon BID Radio Link is an invaluable asset, and every business/retailer should consider becoming a member.
Nicky Hudson, Network Manager, HSBC Croydon

The recent addition of prominent businesses such as Paddy Power, Holiday Inn, and Betfred to the scheme underscores its growing popularity and significance within the local business community. Their participation not only amplifies the reach and effectiveness of the scheme but also demonstrates a shared commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of customers and staff alike.

The Croydon BID Radio Link has been an effective step towards enhancing security measures in our town centre, creating a united front against crime. Through collaboration, we can strengthen the environment, making it harder for offenders to operate. The local businesses’ support for the scheme reflects our collective commitment to creating a safe and prosperous environment for all.
Inspector James Weston, Croydon Metropolitan Police

To encourage further participation, Croydon BID is offering a £100 discount on the annual subscription fee to its levy payers, bringing the cost down to £150 + VAT per year. Non-levy members are also welcome to join the scheme at a competitive rate of £250 + VAT per year. This initiative aims to make the benefits of the Croydon BID Radio Link accessible to businesses of all sizes.

While the Croydon BID Radio Link serves as a powerful tool in enhancing security, businesses are reminded to remain vigilant and prioritize contacting the police via 999 in case of emergencies. The scheme complements existing security measures and emergency protocols, offering an additional layer of support and collaboration in safeguarding Croydon town centre.

Contact us today to learn more about the Croydon BID Radio Link and to join the scheme.