Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Described by the Centre for Retail Research as ‘one of the best’ national schemes of its kind, the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership (CBCP) aims to ensure that our town centre is regarded as a safe and comfortable place to be, no matter when people visit.

Working together with businesses, the Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police, Croydon Council, the Safer Croydon Partnership and other key agencies, the CBCP is at the forefront of a range of business crime reduction initiatives in the town centre that are aimed at deterring and stamping out crime, targeting prolific offenders and improving feelings of safety.   

With a growing and active membership of 250 businesses, the Partnership's success can be attributed to effective communications and regular intelligence-sharing between CBCP members, the Police and other agencies.

Intelligence Meetings offer businesses the opportunity to report on incidents, discuss known offenders, understand crime trends and to deal pro-actively with issues such as stock loss and anti-social behaviour.

Members who attend also have the opportunity to learn at first hand some of the key issues affecting the town as well as to take an active role in reducing crime levels. 

In addition, the CBCP's secure, dedicated website serves as a vital tool for distributing information quickly and simply across the town centre to business members, providing them with up-to-date information on known offenders, the latest scams and specific offences.  

Through its BusinessWatch, PubWatch and BettingWatch schemes, the CBCP also operates three exclusion schemes, which enable banning orders to be issued against persistent offenders, such as shoplifters and those behaving inappropriately in the town centre. 

Supplementing all of this work, we also deliver bespoke crime prevention training seminars for businesses in conjunction with the Police to provide employees with information, advice and guidance they need to help prevent crime in the workplace. 

Croydon BID levy payers can join the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership FREE of charge. To find out more about how the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership can help your business, please contact the team. 


Shaun Webster

Head of Operations
020 8603 0055

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