Croydon high street transformed with successful night cleaning operation

Croydon High Street has undergone a transformation thanks to a recent 98-hour evening cleansing operation carried out by two dedicated Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) cleansing teams.
The cleansing operation focused on the stretch between Snappy Snaps and Foxtons estate agents. as well as the West Croydon train station area leading through to North End, with the aim of creating a clean and welcoming environment for both visitors and businesses.

Over the course of three nights, the teams committed a total of 96 hours to undertaking heaving duty steam cleaning of the pavements, and removing 1,000s of pieces of chewing gum, covering a substantial 2780 square meters of pavements.

This successful operation follows an extensive 128-hour clean-up of George Street, which covered 2,000 square metres of pavements along the busy public route from Dingwall Road to the Alms Houses, as well as a 10-hour deep clean of East Croydon train station earlier in January.

During each cleansing operation, Croydon BID has extended their wash-down services to all levy-paying businesses along the routes.

As a result, 33 businesses, including Nandos, the Post Office and Turtle Bay have benefited from the service, resulting in a refreshed appearance of their storefronts.

If you are a levy payer in need of a cleaning service in your area, please contact the team at Croydon BID today.